Turning Off Safe Search!

Most search engines have a safe search feature.  There are usually different levels of security on this feature, one of which is to turn safe search off without changing filtering settings.

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The default setting is usually in the middle – moderate filtering.  To turn off Google safe search setting you need to turn off safe search by visiting visit Google preferences and selecting the Safe Search Off setting.

Google SafeSearch filtering can be turned off, set to moderate, or set to strict filtering. Another alternative is to use a Google search engine which automatically has safe search turned off. The instructions below show you how to turn off safe search.

google safe search off


Caution:  When surfing the web with intent to find illicit material, you open yourself up to malware and trojan virus.  Here is further information on how to remove such viruses your computer may come into contact with.

Is your computer infected with malware from malicious websites or links because you had safe search off? Learn how to scan your computer for free with Malwarebytes.

It is not recommended that you turn safe search off unless you are an adult.